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Panama Surf Map

Panamanian surfing consists of over 56 individual surf destinations scattered across a coastline spanning 2490 km and covering two oceans and is home to some of the top surf spots of the world. From the roster of numerous surf spots of Panama, short listed here are top four surf destinations that are a must experience for every surfer. 

Santa Catalina

Located in the province of Veraguas, a six hour drive from Panama City is the Mecca of all surf spots in Panama – the Beach of Santa Catalina. The crystal blue waters of Pacific in Santa Catalina that may appear serene and calm at the first blush have a reputation of producing perfect swells and tubes, sometimes as high as 20 ft. It is one of the few surf destinations of Panama that is a combination of point break and rock on reef, and is ideal for right and left break. Moreover the destination is just next to other top Panama surf spots like Estero Beach, Punta Brava, and Punta Roca.

Rio Mar

Often termed as the Malibu of Panama, the town of Rio Mar gives constant surfing action without the hassle of traveling too far from Panama City.  The town hosts two prominent Panama surf spots of Rio Mar Front and Rio Mar Point. While both these surf spots offer a rock on reef experience with sand beaches, Rio Mar Front is a beach break with rocks and Rio Mar Point is point break. Both locations make right and left breaking waves.

Morro Negrito

Situated in the Gulf of Chiriqui on the Pacific Coast bordering Costa Rica are the Big and the Small Islands that are collectively called Morro Negrito. It is one of those off-the-beaten-path destinations of Panama that despite hosting some of the most challenging swells of the Pacific still remain untouched by humanity. In this point break and rock on reef surf spot that makes left break waves, you’ll meet only the most enthusiastic surfers, along with 80 odd inhabitants of the islands. 

The Dumpers

Unlike the other top three surf destinations of Panama, Dumpers is situated on the Isla Bocas del Toro province on the northern coast of Panama facing the Caribbean. The destination is famous for its near perfect waves and surf tubes that break to the right. The surf destination is rock on reef beach and can be reached by an 8 hour drive from Panama City or a ferry taking equal amount of time from Colon. The best time to hit the picture perfect but none the less adventurous waters of Dumpers is during the dry season from December to March.