Cocle Province

Visit Coclé Province

The Coclé province, which is mainly an agricultural area famous for the production of tomatoes and sugar, lies on the southern coast of Panama. It contains over 100 km of amazing coastline, the mighty mountains of El Valle, and the quaint town of Penonome, which is situated on the banks of the Chiriquí River. Since it is home to so many amazing Panama attractions, the Coclé province is one of the most interesting places to visit in Panama. The tourist activity there reflects that, having increased significantly in recent years and transforming the Coclé province into a popular destination for people from all over the world.

Coclé History

Coclé was created in 1855 during the presidency of Dr. Justo de Arosemena and gained the title of province in 1985. Penonome, now that capital of Coclé, actually served as the capital of the entire country of Panama for many years. Another fun fact is that Penonome gets its name from the words Penó Nomé. Nomé was a chief of a local native American tribe who was eventually put to death by the Spanish colonial officials. The words Penó Nomé literally translates to “Nome was executed.”

Coclé Attractions

From parks and museums to lush flora and fauna, there is much to see and do in the exotic Coclé province. This Panamanian region is very rich in its history and cultural traditions and there are plenty of opportunities for people who travel to Panama to experience them. For example, while in Coclé you can visit the pre-Columbian site Sitio Conte. While in Coclé you can also visit the Museum of Penonome or Archaeological Park El Cano, which is located in the district of Nata. The enchanting folklore and handicrafts make for wonderful souvenirs for you to take home!

Other popular activities in Coclé include relaxing on the glorious sands of Santa Clara, Farallon, and the other glorious beaches along the coast. Taking a trip to the charming town of El Valle de Anton, which is tucked into a 3 million year old crater of a volcano, is another fun trip. Some of the major attractions in the Coclé province include the Petroglyphs, famous Golden Frogs, El Nispero Zoo, and the Artesanal Market.