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Panama Sports

While for some tourists it’s the pristine natural beauty of Panama that draws them to the country, for hundreds of others it is the bouquet of sports offered here that makes them keep coming back for more. In midst of the most picturesque plains and hills of the Caribbean, the country hosts a spectacular infrastructure for sports, comparable with the infrastructure of many developed countries. It is for this reason, combined with the general enthusiasm and interest of the population of Panama in sports, that the country continues to give some of the finest soccer, basketball, golf, and boxing stars to the world. Here is a list of some Panama sports that the country is most renowned for, and might just be the perfect reason for you to plan an exciting vacation to the country.


With over a hundred championship golf courses, some of which host international sports events like PGA Nationwide Tour, Tour de las Americas, and European Tours each year, Panama offers the best golf courses in Central America.  Moreover, these golf courses are located in a variety of venues, from coast beaches in the south to the high lands of north to offer a range of gradient and level for different golfers. Some of the prominent names in the list of these golf courses of Panama are Cielo Paraiso, Mantaraya Golf Club, Panama Golf Club, Quebrada Grande, Vistamar Resort, and Summit Golf Resort.


Being the birthplace of boxing legends like Roberto Durán Samaniego, Luis Pineda, Panama Al Brown Guillermo Jones, Celestino Caballero, and Ricardo Cordoba; the country takes boxing more seriously than any other Panama sports. The country hosts on an average 24 major boxing events, the majority of which are held in Panama City. The excitement and frenzy of these events can be gauged by the fact that from these 24 events last year, 3 were world title bouts and titles changed hand in these events. Besides giving you the unadulterated rush and energy of boxing from ring side, Panama also gives you the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of being inside the ring. There are plenty of training schools in Panama that hand over gloves to tourists to enjoy an amateur and safe match of boxing.


Just like every other country of the sub-continent, Panama shares an equal enthusiasm and excitement for the one of the world’s most loved sports – soccer. Soccer or football, as commonly referred in Panama, is an all year sports event with Liga Panameña de Fútbol - the official football league of Panama being conducted in two tournaments, namely Apertura and Clausura. The league has over 10 Panamanian football clubs vying for the top spot, with the winners qualifying for CONCACAF Champions League, the annual international club football championship for North, South, and Central America.