Panama Nightlife

Voted one of the most popular evening destinations of the Caribbean, Panama offers entertainment and nightlife unlike any other place in the world. Panama’s popular nightlife districts awake after the sun sets and the revelries continue all the way till dawn. And what makes Panama so inviting is the never ending list of activities to indulge in after dark. Partying in Panama is a truly experience because it has some of the world’s largest casinos, best dance floors, lively pubs, serene beach side shacks, and astounding bars. Many of the country’s popular nightclubs are regularly considered amongst the world’s best and are a massive draw for international tourists. On the other side of the spectrum, Panama also offers a classical and artistic nightlife. For highly cultured entertainment, the city has an array of historic theatres that host both national and international plays. Furthermore, the country’s jazz scene is respected internationally for its authenticity and ingenuity. 

Panama Night Life Destinations

Panama’s night life is centered in three major Panamanian districts – Casco Viejo, Calzada Amador, and the Calle Uruguay. While they all host an assortment of night clubs, pubs, dance floors, bars, lounges and restaurants, each destination has a unique, one-of-a-kind vibe associated that makes it worth exploring.

Casco Viejo

Located on the outskirts of Panama City, this destination is the trendiest and most happening place to party in Panama. The location’s after-dark offerings include popular night clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, high end bars, and much more. The neighborhood is also home to the National Theatre – the country’s historical theatre that hosts an assortment of plays and concerts fused with old world charm. The destination is also a major draw for jazz enthusiasts, with a number of jazz theme pubs and restaurants that feature performances by local and international artists. 

Calzada Amador

The Calzada Amador offers something for everyone, from exquisite street side cafes to theme based bars. It is also the ideal location to have a quiet drink while enjoying the picturesque ocean view. There are also plenty of seaside restaurants there that offer an exquisite spread of local delicacies that are great tasting and affordable.

Calle Uruguay

A popular hangout for the younger crowd, Calle Uruguay features an array of bars and dance clubs. The neighborhood displays a colorful, vibrant scene on the weekends with jam packed streets of travelers and partygoers. Calle Uruguay is also prominent on the live music circuit, with a number of regional and local bands performing there regularly.

In addition, what sets the Panama night life experience above others is the friendly and warm population of Panama. The local Panamanians are extremely sociable, making the country ideal for a fun filled and exciting vacation.