Panama Islands

Islands of Panama

Islands of Panama

Panama is a fascinating mix of magnificent rain forests, extensive rolling hills, and sprawling valleys. Panama is also home to mountain peaks that tower over 11,000 feet and numerous islands that are perfect for vacationing.

Islands of Panama

The islands of Panama dot the coast and offer visitors a glimpse of nature in all of her natural splendor. Even though many are occupied, they manage to give visitors a feeling of untouched beauty and remoteness that is rare in today’s well-travelled world.

Isla Bastimentos: 

The island of Bastimentos, or Isla Bastimentos as it is known locally, can be found in the Bocas Del Province of Panama, close to Zapatilla Cay. This island’s primary attraction is the fabulous Bastimentos Island National Park, which is a must-visit for anyone visiting Panama. On the eastern side of Bastimentos is Playa Larga, a mile long stretch of beach that is famous for sea nesting turtles.

Isla Colon: 

Isla Colon is the main island of the archipelago located in the Bocas Del Toro Province. Of these panama islands, Colon is one of the premier tourist destinations and received thousands of visitors each year.

Isla Solarte: 

Isla Solarte is one of the smaller islands in the Bocas Del Toro province and is located between Columbus Island and Bastimentos Island. At its western tip is Hospital Point, which is the most visited part of the island and one of the area’s most accessible dive sites.

Isla Taboga: 

Located in the Panama province, Isla Taboga is a short boat ride away from Panama City – to get there all you have to do is take a ferry from Pier 19 in the Balboa District. One interesting fact about Isla Taboga is that one-third of it is covered by the Taboga and Uraba Wildlife Refuge.

Pearl Islands: 

The Pearl Islands consist of over 200 islands and islets spread throughout the Gulf of Panama, approximately 40 miles southeast of Panama. What is most interesting about these islands is that only a few of them are inhabited, making them an intriguing destination for vacationers. The largest of these islands are Contadora Island, Isla del Rey, Isla San Jose, San Miguel, and Pedro González.