Panama Events

Things To Do In Panama

Located on the isthmus connecting North and South America, Panama is a tropical
paradise that exhibits a vast array of physical and cultural diversity. It has many
popular tourist attractions that draw thousands of visitors every year, such as the
Panama Canal, which is one of the most sophisticated engineering wonders in the

Panama Tourism

There are various events and festivities in Panama that take place all throughout the
year. If you are planning on travelling to Panama, you may want to coordinate your
schedule around these events.


Carnival is the biggest festival in Panama and is celebrated on the four days leading
up to Ash Wednesday. Carnival is loud, colorful and absolute fun, with its beautiful
parades, fireworks, music and dancing.

Carnival is celebrated all across the country, but Panama City and Las Tablas are two
cities in particular that truly provide visitors the essence of this vibrant festival.

Panama Jazz Festival

The Panama Jazz Festival is a week-long music festival held every January in
Panama City. One of the top Panamanian festivals, it showcases jazz artists from
Panama and countries the world over.

The festival is also educational. It has master classes in jazz history and performance,
among other subjects. Additionally, proceeds from the Panama Jazz Festival go to
the Danilo Perez Foundation.

Flower and Coffee Festival
The town of Boquete conducts its annual flower and coffee extravaganza every
January. The festival is held in the Feria grounds on the Eastern bank of the Boquete

Panama Holidays

There are plenty of exciting holidays to celebrate in Panama. For instance, November
has National Anthem Day and All Souls’ Day to celebrate. Other important holidays in
Panama include Good Friday, Easter and Holy Week.

Panama Attractions

In addition to great Panama events and holidays, there are plenty of attractions in
Panama that are great to visit at any time throughout the year. Panama travellers
can spend a day in the Panama Avenue Central Marketplace, soaking in a true
Panamanian shopping experience. Along the way you can check out Plaza Cinco de
Mayo or the old Panama Canal Railway Station.

Other popular tourist attractions in Panama include the Amador Causeway,
Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research, Isla Flamenco, Panama la Vieja, Casco
Viejo, National Cathedral, Panama Canal Museum, Miraflores Locks, and the tropical
rainforest paradise known as El Valle.