Spa In Panama

It isn’t a makeover. It’s a whole new image. Stress-relieving therapies and massages make a day in the Bamboo Sea Spa & Gym an invigorating experience.

Our spa & fitness center philosophy is to create the yin-yang balance to generate harmony and good physical and mental health for our clients. We create a natural environment in which “Bamboo” is everywhere. According to the Chinese tradition of the Yang, the bamboo tree represents heaven, white, passion, lightness and sea, which are all represented in the spa to enhance all the positive energy of the Yang. To create a good balance, we also represent the Yin through the aromas of gardenia, rose, honeysuckle and jasmine, which in Chinese tradition represent the feminine, dark, earth and cold.

We specialize in offering different treatments, massages, facials, hydrotherapy and body treatment techniques that will renew your body and soul. In addition, we boast a full-service beauty salon and a complete fitness center with trained personnel to offer you the latest in training.