Isla Grande

Visit Isla Grande

Isla Grande is an island located on the Caribbean coast of Panama. This tropical paradise is a delightful combination of pristine beaches, blue-green oceans, and lush flora that always leaves visitors yearning for more. And although Isla Grande is a two hour drive by car from Panama City, it is well worth the trek.

The natural beauty of this gorgeous destination draws hundreds of visitors a year who agree. This is due in part to the island’s amazing beachfront, which can be covered on foot in a relatively short amount of time. The natives of the island, who make their living from fishing, growing coconuts, and offering various services to tourists, are also a reason for the island’s popularity due to their hospitable nature.

Isla Grande History

On his fourth and final trip to the New World, Christopher Columbus passed by what is now called Isla Grande. The island was then named Isla Bastimientos and Columbus used it as he travelled along the Panamanian coast to Nombre de Dios. The present population is of an afro-colonial origin and the culture is still steeped in ancient beliefs and customs such as rhythmic dances and magic. 

Things to do in Isla Grande

There are various things to do in Isla Grande that you are sure to enjoy. For example, travelers can explore El Faro Lighthouse, which was designed and constructed by the French in order to complement the canal that was being built in the late 1800s. The original light that adorned the top of the lighthouse was designed by Gustav Eiffel and is now tucked away at the Panama Canal Museum. The path to the lighthouse can still be explored, and the panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking.

Isla Grande Cuisine 

There are a variety of delectable seafood dishes offered on Isla Grande that are extremely satisfying. The seafood is fresh as the lobsters, crabs and fish come fresh from the ocean. In addition to excellent seafood, the island is famous for its patacones, plantains, coconut flavored rice, and tender meats. Moreover, it’s a pleasure to walk through the accessible areas of the island and enjoy the beauty of the rich tropical vegetation. Finally, there are various water sport activities such as snorkeling and diving that you can take part in during your stay on the island.