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Visit Coiba Island

If you are looking for a refreshing change from the dull monotony of day-to-day life, bask in the beauty of Coiba Island. The largest island in Central America, Coiba Island is located off the Pacific Coast of the Veraguas province in Panama. Due to the immaculate nature of the island and the bordering oceans, it was declared a National Park by the Panamanian government in 1992.

Coiba National Park covers the majority of the Gulf of Chiriquí’s island structures. The 38 islands of this National Park are a source of rich ecological and marine diversity, and its combination of lush flora, pearl white sands, and amazing wildlife make it an amazing experience for travellers. 

Isla Coiba 

Isla Coiba consists of 50,314 hectares of virgin tropical rainforest and is the foundation of the Coiba National Park infrastructure. It is also an underdeveloped island, with about 80% of its natural habitat left untouched by human infrastructure. Topographically, Isla Coiba is hilly at the center and has a number of rivers that flow out to the ocean. The Black River, or Rio Negro, is the largest river on the island and beautiful to see in person.

The beaches of Isla Coiba are breathtaking due to their pure white sand, crystal clear water, and mesmerizing views. As you can imagine, this beauty makes it the most visited part of the island and a popular spot for divers and day tourists. Conversely, the Southern part of the island is relatively isolated, making it a tempting spot for lone surfers looking to escape the crowds.

Things to do in Coiba Island

There are a variety of activities to enjoy for visitors of Coiba Island. Nature lovers will be particularly pleased with the island’s offerings, with options that range from snorkeling to hiking. For ardent bird watchers, Coiba Island is an absolute paradise as there are approximately 147 species of birds living in Coiba National Park. In particular, the island is a world renowned safe haven for Crested Eagles, Scarlet Macaws, and over 20 endemic bird species such as the Coiba Spinetail.

The waters that surround the island are also home to four turtle species; Leatherback, Hawksbill, Olive and Loggerhead. Other local species that visitors of Coiba Island can see include the Island Agouti, Mantled Howler Monkey, and white tailed deer. The island also has a wealth of marine life, with 23 species of whales and dolphins that include the humpback whale, sperm whale, and killer whale.

 Travelling to Coiba Island

It is very easy to access Coiba Island. You can reach it by taking a plane from Panama City to Santiago in Veraguas, or you can travel by a combination of car and boat. To do the latter, you can drive from Santiago to Puerto Mutis, where you can then take a boat to the island.

Keep in mind that you must get authorization from the Directorate of Penal Correction in the Ministry of Government and Justice and from the National Environment Authority (ANAM) in order to visit the island.