Orchid Panama Exposition

Panama Festivals

Panama is blessed with bountiful flora and fauna, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Orchids are no exception to this as Panama boasts of nearly 1,200 different species of the flower! And while orchids grow abundantly in Panama, they are not always easy to spot as a large number of these flowers grow deep in rainforests, remote areas, and high up in trees where they are not always visible.

As a result, visiting orchid and flower enthusiasts should make sure to attend Panama festivals that showcase the country’s natural beauty. Even if you are simply someone who appreciates natural beauty, it is imperative to attend Panama events that allow you to enjoy the splendor of these often unseen natural wonders.

Santa Fé Orchid Exposition

The Orchid Expo in Santa Fé, Panama is quite literally a beautiful event to attend.  Over 300 species of orchids are grown in Santa Fé – both large and small – and every August the city hosts a national orchid exposition. During this particular orchid exposition you will see rarely seen flora, such as the native orchids that grow in the Veraguas Province of the Chiriquí Highlands. In addition to the attractions of the Orchid Expo, many residents of Santa Fé will also welcome visitors into their gardens for a small fee. In short, the Orchid Exposition of Santa Fé is one of the best places to view and learn more about these magnificent flowers.

Fun Fact: Señora Albertina de Castrellon, who was the mayor of Santa Fé until 2009, was a part of the Group of Orchids – a local community consisting of native gardening and orchid enthusiasts.  Señora Albertina de Castrellon’s home is known as the House of Orchids, which is a beautiful but lesser known tourist destination. 

About Santa Fé

Santa Fé is located in the Veraguas province in Panamá. With a population of approximately 2,800 people, it lies at the heart of an old crater at an altitude of about 400 meters. And although Santa Fé is located just 30 kilometers from the Mosquito Coast at the Caribbean Sea and is close to the continental divide, it is reached more easily via the Pacific Coast to the south.  

Santa Fé Attractions

In Santa Fé, hiking and bird watching are great ways of exploring the natural beauty of Panama. In addition to bird watching and hiking, visitors can also visit one of the many breathtaking waterfalls. Known locally as choros, they can be reached easily with the help of a tour guide.

When in Santa Fé, also drop by the Artisan Market in the Cabecera de Santa Fé. While there you will find classic, high quality Panama hats that are considerably cheaper when compared to the rest of the country. In addition to Panamanian hats, you will also find handmade indigenous dresses for young girls and women as well as other hand crafted goods.