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Panama Festivals

Panama offers travellers a wealth of things to do, from exploring natural wonders to dining in excellent local restaurants. No matter your interests, you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy among the great variety of attractions that Panama has to offer. Nature lovers will love the lush tropical vegetation and rare species of fauna found in Panama, while ocean lovers will be amazed by crystal clear waters they encounter while scuba diving.

The biodiversity, cultural heritage, architecture, festivals, and vast array of exciting activities make Panama the perfect holiday destination. One such festival, the Feria del Mar, is particularly well-liked by Panamanians and travellers alike.

The Fair of the Sea

Panama has different events and festivals celebrated on a grand scale throughout the year. The Feria del Mar, or the Fair of the Sea, is meant to celebrate the fishing traditions of the islands and is the perfect example of a festival that receives a lot of attention. It is celebrated over four days and is held on Playa El Ismito, which is located just north of Bocas Del Toro.

During Feria del Mar people come from all over Panama to sell their wares. This is excellent for people who visit Panama during this time because they can choose to buy a vast array of exquisitely designed products such as jewelry, masks and leather sandals. There are also a variety of stalls that feature all types of goods, from plastic toys to clothing. Moreover, food lovers will be pleased to learn that they can also sample various local cuisines, including pork, roasted chicken, fish, rice and beans.

As if that were not enough, there is a multitude of games and rides for children and adults to enjoy. For people travelling with children, Feria del Mar is very family-friendly during the day. However, it becomes more vibrant and animated at night. Drinks and gambling lend Feria del Mar a more adult flavor once the sun sets. There are even dance parties sponsored by local radio stations for people to enjoy! 

Music is the most important part of any Panamanian festival and the Fair of the Sea is no exception – it offers a verifiable musical extravaganza. While at the festival you can enjoy performances by local school children as well as Reggae, Calypso and Panamanian Rock. The fair also has a building operated by the Department of Agriculture, which exhibits local flora and crafts. The Smithsonian Institute also features their work, including research on mangrove sustainability and local water quality. 

Bocas del Toro

There is a vast array of accommodations and restaurants for visitors in Bocas del Toro. Many of the restaurants have a Caribbean influence to their cuisine, but traditional food is also available. Lodging options range from family oriented villas to cabins overlooking the beach. 

Due to its tropical climate, Panama can be visited at any time of the year. Furthermore, with its captivating natural beauty, rich culture, ample recreational facilities, and modern amenities, Panama promises travellers a complete luxury filled holiday. 

So, experience the true essence of Panama and Feria del Mar with the help of Veneto Panama.