Panama Wedding Planning – What to Consider

Things to Consider when Planning Panama Weddings

We think of weddings as a time of joy and hope for the future. For those who dream of getting married in a far-off, romantic destination with beautiful surroundings, Panama may be the answer. This overlooked country has some awe-inspiring scenery that could be the perfect backdrop for any bride’s special day. But to avoid any complications down the road, there are a few things that you should consider before booking your flight.

Things to consider when planning Panama weddings

Happily, weddings can be the start of something wonderful in the lives of two people. They can also be a nightmare if an unforeseen problem arises. There are several things that those planning weddings in Panama may overlook.

1. Do not forget your passport!

There is nothing worse than having to postpone your big day because someone either forgot to renew their documentation or left it lying on the dresser. Weddings taking place in other countries can be hard enough to plan. Looking ahead and being prepared can save some headaches down the road.

2. Both individuals will need to undergo medical exams in Panama.

The wedding party should allot enough time for the bride and groom to obtain a General Health certificate from a Panamanian clinic. This is a requirement for all foreigner weddings that take place within the country.

3. Two unrelated witnesses are required.

Sometimes weddings may be postponed if two witnesses cannot be found that are unrelated to either the bride or groom. Keep in mind that if your witnesses are also foreigners to Panama, they also must have valid passports with clearly marked entrance stamps.

4. The judge will travel to any exotic destination you choose…for a fee

Those who wish to get married on the beach or on a mountain can do so. Just keep in mind that any weddings taking place outside of the tribunal will require the removal of the judge. Most are willing to travel to your chosen destination, but the cost can be around $150.00 for this service.

5. Be flexible, and plan for the weather

While the weather is fairly stable all year round (high 80s by day and low 70s by night) making Panama the ideal country for weddings, it is wise to remember that their rainy season lasts from June to mid-December. This results in almost daily afternoon rain showers that can last about an hour. If you are not in a spot where the wedding can be moved under shelter, you may need to wait until the skies are clear before saying “I do”.

While long-distance weddings can have their share of hassles (how to transport that dress?) they can also be an incredibly memorable time for all involved. The right backdrop can make your big day go from wonderful to extraordinary.