Panama Carnival

Carnival in Panama (also referred to as Carnavales Panama or just Carnival) is an extravagant event that occurs every year. It’s a celebration that happens 40 days before the Christian holiday of holy week. The celebration occurs right before Lent, a period of time Christians recognize Lent as the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert preparing for his ministry. During this time, many people reflect on this event by making a sacrifice of their own, like giving up a specific type of food or hobby for 40 days. Carnival is an opportunity to “let it all out” before the sacrificing begins.

Details for Carnaval de Panama.

In Panama, Carnival is no different than other Carnival celebrations across the globe. In fact, there are several different celebrations that happen in Panama. Three of the larger events are in Panama City, Los Santos, and Penonome. In Las Tablas, for example, there are different events on different streets, battling it out for who has the best show. Each celebration elects a Queen to act as the royalty of the celebration, which typically includes floats, live music, and wild costumes.

As wild as it sounds, the Panama Carnival celebration isn’t an unsanctioned event. The government gets involved with the celebration by setting up stages for live music and performers. It’s a national event that typically goes on for several days. Each day has its own theme accompanied with special costumes and entertainment. Carnival in Panama is definitely an event worth experiencing.