Travelers Guide on Panama Beaches

With hundreds of kilometers of coastline spanning the Pacific and the Caribbean, Panama is blessed with an abundance of magnificent beaches. While all the Panama beaches are equally splendid and breathtaking, it is the individuality and distinctiveness of each beach that makes Panama so alluring. All of these beaches are renowned for specific characteristics and traits that include crystal blue waters, rugged coasts, white sand shores, coastal reef, and much more. In addition to all this, what makes the Panama beaches experience even more exciting is the host of adventure and water sports activities that Panama beaches are famous for. This page lists some of the best known Panama beach destinations, their location on the Panama map, and some interesting trivia that every traveler should know. 


Consisting of over 350 scattered islands off the western coast of Panama, the archipelago of Comarca Kuna Yala offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. With its white sand shores, turquoise waters, and the most amazing display of coastline vegetation, Comarca Kuna Yala is a must see for every beach lover. In addition to its scenic beauty, the islands of Comarca Kuna Yala are also renowned as the home of the indigenous Kuna Indian Tribe. Considered to be among the earliest inhabitants of Panama, the tribe has colorful traditions and heartwarming hospitality that will surely make this experience worth cherishing for all travelers.

Las Lajas

One of the calmest beaches of the Pacific, Las Lejas is located an hour’s drive from David, Panama’s second largest city. The interesting characteristic of this part of the Pacific is the absence of strong sea currents and riptides making this beach ideal for body swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. The sea line spans a distance of 8 miles in length and features some of the finest shacks and restaurants. The location also hosts a number of tourist attractions including La Barqueta, another one of the famous Panama beaches.  

Slipper Islands

The Slipper Islands, or as locally referred to, the Cayos Zapatillas, are home to the best coral reefs of the world. This colorful display of coral houses an exotic variety of marine life and is the perfect destination for snorkeling and undersea diving. The beaches on the Slipper Islands are beautifully lined by tropical coastal forests, which are worth exploring. In addition to this, the clear sand, blue waters, and the variety of water sports available here make this location irresistible for vacationers.

Santa Clara

Located on the Pacific Coast, this beach is a two hour drive from Panama City. In addition to its picturesque shores, this location is also known for a multitude of adventure sports. The large waves and strong riptides provide the perfect challenge for professional surfers from around the world.  The beach is located in the vicinity of Farallon, another beach that attracts hundreds of vacationers from the city.